Reducing, re-using and re-cycling WASTE

a. A clear mountain spring, which is gravity fed to the lodge, provides us with all the water we need. All drinking water is filtered and purified on site, so no plastic bottles are used.
b. We send the majority of our re-cycling i.e. glass, metal and plastic to a recycling centre to our nearest town, where further processing then takes place (i.e. glass bottles are ground down and used as an aggregate in buildings).
c. We keep all jars for making our own jams, jellies and preserves. This has almost irradicated the use of cling wrap.
d. We purchase sustainably with minimal packaging, using local woven and paper bags. Single use plastic bags are illegal in Kenya.

Responsible use of resources such as WATER AND ENERGY

a. We run the Lodge on 100% Solar power with a backup generator for those cloudy days.
b. Water is also heated by Solar power and firewood only used as a backup if necessary.
c. We educate our staff and guests on conserving energy and water.
d. Our waste water system is taken care of by a Eco Friendly bio box system.