Protecting, conserving, and investing  in the environment

Protection of the Fauna & Flora. We plant indigenous trees and shrubs around the Lodge, and many different Aloes (drought resistant) which the resident Sunbird population love.

Sirikoi airstrip is sited on land that used to be maize fields. Now native acacia species have grown back forming thick woodland. The margins of the airfield must be kept clear, so branches are trimmed, and these are taken to the waterhole where elephants feed on them, stripping them of their bark and foliage. The leftover bare branches are collected and used to make charcoal or for fires around the Lodge.

We contributed the fence surrounding Sirikoi and supply the power to the electric fencing which is generated by solar panels, not only creating an elephant exclusion zone to protect the woodland, but also providing vital habitat for the endangered black Rhino for whom acacia leaves form a significant part of its diet.

Education to staff about invasive species of plants, which we actively actively remove when seen.

Contributions Annually

a. We contribute through conservancy fees and donations to support Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (wildlife, education & health).

b. We also assist with the use of our tipper truck for road maintenance, our water Bowser that then acts as a fire engine when necessary and paid for 315 Acres of fencing to create an essential exclusion zone.

c. We contribute to Ngare Ndare Forest and Il Ngwesi Community through guests visits.

d. All Proceeds from Beauty treatments are donated to local schools/orphanage. We also support local school visits to Lewa for the children to learn about wildlife donated.

e. We contribute to education Bursary programs from Lower school to university and school supplies through pack for a purpose.