At Sirikoi we have always strived to operate in harmony with our beautiful environment. Adopting sustainable practices and ensuring a light environmental footprint have been core Sirikoi values from the outset, and we work hard to seamlessly combine eco-friendly practices with luxury living. We achieve this through:

  • Using solar power throughout the lodge.
  • Sourcing all water from a nearby natural spring, minimizing the use of bottled water.
  • Using natural cleaning products wherever possible, and organic, locally made toiletries.
  • Following a strict recycling policy.
  • Carefully choosing suppliers based on their use of biodegradable / recyclable packaging, and on their distance from the lodge.
  • Growing our own fruits and vegetables. The one-acre organic garden at Sirikoi supplies fresh produce daily, and is the most prodigious of its type at any lodge or camp in Kenya.
  • Using organic waste and food waste for composting.

As a result of our commitment to eco-friendly practices, Sirikoi has been honoured with a Gold level Eco-rating since 2015.

Since Willie and Sue acquired the Sirikoi land in 2003 and secured it for wildlife, directly bolstering the efforts of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and adding 7,500 acres of ideal black rhino habitat to the conservancy, Sirikoi has also restored and re-wilded 700 acres of forest all around the lodge.